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Dear visitor, welcome to Noodless Mag. On this site you find different channels powered by twitter. Coming soon we have couple updates like Forum, Chat, Star Cards, Download shop, archive and storys.... We do not charge for our service or get paid from people or company for advertising. Feel free use our site like a newspaper, this was our goal at the beginning. We do not use any Spy or tracking method for advertising on our site. We do Update our site from time to time refresh your browser. We do use cookies to give you better performence Thanks for visiting and have fun. Dear very important people, welcome to Noodless Mag. On this site you find many options if you decide to work together with us we can help you get in touch with your community so close as you wish. We can insert your Profile chat timeline or Publishing Window for your Music, Movie or Book. Even a Audio file or Real Time announcement ..... No more waiting for service everything is just one call away. How it works With phone You call our nummer: tell your ID and PW and your wish, we update the information. You Text our nummer: write your ID and PW and your wish, we update the information. Insert File like Picture, music, announcement its so easy You send the file or announcement your ID and PW and your wish, Thats it we update it. With a Email A email with your ID and PW and your wish. If you wish to update your Profil you send the file or announcement and we do Update. an example if we activate the chat function on your profile You gonne be on a Tv Show tomorrow, tell your community by social networks am gonne be on my card chat for questions. Your community can still use your chat channel with or without you. You can log in or not is up to you. We do not save any Private information about you on Digital Method. We still use Papers and Pen to keep you save. This site takes the best performence Note and is made for easy use with phone or PC. The code our site is HTML and we use Low size images and we use SSL. Thanks for visiting and if you wish a service let us know.. We still do insert content and update. If somethink dont work let us know or wait until we fix it. We do not sale items but we still let our visitor know. This site and the responsible person are under German and EU rules

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While slavery was institutionally recognized
by most societies, it has now been outlawed
in all recognized countries, the last
being Mauritania in 2007. Nevertheless,
there are still more slaves today than
at any previous point in history, with
an estimated 45 million people being
in slavery worldwide According to a
2003 report by Human Rights Watch, an
estimated 15 million children in debt
bondage in India work in slavery-like
conditions to pay off their family's debts.
source Wikipedia.
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